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If you are thinking of taking your kitty outside for some exercise and fresh air - a harness is a VERY GOOD IDEA. 

Like all new things, it will require some training.  We would sugggest introducing your pet slowly, in the house and practice before venturing outside.  Like training a dog to walk on a leash, it doesn't happen instantly.  Be patient and consistent and start indoors.

  • First step is to get your cat used to wearing a harness.  Try first without a leash -have lots of high value treats available and get them into the harness.
  • Once the harness is mastered, attach the leash and try walking indoors - maybe let them drag the leash around and don't try leading with too much tension
  • Next would be to apply some tension and get used to having the leash attached and having some tension on the leash.
  • Then practice walking indoors around the house.
  • And, your all set to go outside!
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