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      Stylish Dog Harness & Lead Headquarters

      We believe a dog harness should look great, fit well, be comfortable for your dog and keep your doggie safe and secure. Find The Perfect Dog Harness for small to medium sized dogs. Adjustability is just one of the reasons everyone loves these harnesses. Get a Precision Fit® the first time worn, and adjust as your puppy grows and beloved dog matures.

      • Harness sizing has sizes covering dogs from  XXS 1 – 60 LBS
      • Matching Leads. Make it a set! Most harness styles have matching leads available.
      • Easy On and Off. Many styles are "No Buckle" for everyone's comfort - yours and your dogs.
      • Adjustable Fit. Like a custom harness, because you can adjust to your dogs unique shape.
      • Puppy Harnesses. Puppy friendly products, adjust as your puppy grows

      Dog Harness Size Guides - Shown with each product.
      Start with your dogs' weight! See filters.