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      Precision Fit™ Dog Harness

      My Canine Kids Precision Fit™ StepIn  Dog Harness Adjustable Nylon 

      Step-In Dog Harness Superb Adjustable Fit - 3 LBS to 40 LBS

      Enjoy your time together outdoors. The Precision Fit™ Dog Harness- A sporty lightweight and durable step In dog harness that is fully adjustable. A customizable fit for your dogs' unique shape.

      Easy On and Easy Off. Adjust the fit the first time your dog wears the harness with the slip-lock buckles on each side, which allows you to exactly size this harness to fit your pet's waistline! Adjustability is a great feature when wearing the harness over sweaters and jackets in the fall and winter, you can simply slide the buckles as needed.

      Select from 9 different colors.
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      • SECURE EASY-ON WRAP DOG HARNESS: Apply with military-grade hook and loop closure (like Velcro). Strong enough to make the doggy harness escape-proof for most dogs. Just close the tabs and go!
      • DOUBLE D-RING for the leash for extra security and safety.
      • NO CHOKE STEP IN HARNESS: Step their paws through the straps. The gentle harness vest is specifically designed for your dog's comfort. The harness lays low on the chest. No choking or restrictions. Perfect puppy harness for small dogs.
      • NO RUBBING. Constructed with soft padded fillers and soft wicking mesh for a comfortable easy fit.
      • BREATHABLE COMFORTABLE NYLON MESH: With grey bias trim Lightweight. Simple, clean, cool, and modern design in delightful colors. Sporty and Fashionable.
      • EASY CLEAN. Play. Roll. Run. Chase. Go ahead and get dirty! Easy machine wash and air dry.
      • OPTIONAL MATCHING LEASH. Make it a luxury look. A designer harness and leash set! Click here to see it.

      Fit Tips from Carole

       This is a very lightweight durable harness great for difficult-fitting shapes of dogs.  You can adjust the sides to achieve an exact measurement.  If your dog is between sizes/weights of our size chart I would suggest trying this style.  Make sure the Velcro tabs overlap exactly so that you can clip both of the rings together and then adjust the sides.  It is generously sized – so if you are uncertain – size down and you can use the harness fully extended.  It is also great for using overcoats, sweaters, etc. as you can adjust it to fit on top!

      5 Sizes. Teacup  - up to 40 pounds.

      Features image no rubbing and adjustable buckles

      Features image secure double d ring and military grade hook and look like velcro