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      Original cloak & dawggie Step N Go Wrap Small Dog Harness 

      Ultimate Small Dog Step-In Harness No Buckle

      The perfect step-in style dog harness fit for tiny dogs, your puppy and small dogs. Step the paws through the straps, wrap and go! Beautiful, and very secure. A wiggle-proof harness to keep your dog secure on your walk, town or country. Secure your leash with the double D-Rings, and enjoy super-easy closure with military-grade hook and loop closure (like velcro). Easy On and Easy Off!

      • Adjustable Fit for Your Dogs Unique Shape
      • Tab Closure - Easy On Miltary Grade Hook & Loop (like Velcro) for Security
      • Double D-Ring for Leash. No Collar Necessary.
      • Reflective Trim for Low-Light and Evening Walks.
      • No Choke Design. Harness Sits Low on The Chest.
      • Available in a Variety of Fabrics and Colors. Breathable Mesh, Supplex Nyon Gray Flannel and Gorgeous Prints.
      • Optional Matching Detachable Skirt in Prints for Dressy Look
      • Matching Lead Avaiable for most colors.
      • Color Coordinte with Fleece Sweaters for a Complete Look