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 With more and more people taking their pets out with them we get many requests for info about using our harnesses for their kitty.
We have several great styles that you can use safely and comfortably for your Kitty.  Really any of our products that fit the size scale are suitable. 
The most popular sizes are the T2, T3, T4(XXS), XS, S. 
These sizes will fit pets from 3 Lbs to 15 Lbs.  
Please remember as with everything you do - pets need training to get used to walking and wearing a harness and apparel.

The best time to start harness training is as a kitten, but you can also train older pets.  Be patient, it will take a bit of doing.

  • Get your kitty used to the harness. Play a bit with it – open and close the Velcro – and then gently begin placing it on.  Once used to wearing it and having you put it on – let them wear it indoors without a leash attached.
  • Next, indoors – attach the leash and let your cat get used to walking around the house with the leash and no tension. Just dragging it around. 
  • Once you see he’s comfortable with the leash attached – gently pick it up and put a bit of tension. Walk first in the house.
  • Go Outside – maybe in a contained area to start.