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Yorkie Harnesses, Carriers, Coats, and Accessories

Yorkie Harness

The PRECISION FIT™ dog harness is the best dog harness for your Yorkshire Terrier. The PRECISION FIT™ design has side adjustability in combo with soft step-in Velcro® to custom fit your dog’s unique size!

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Yorkie Coats and Rain Coats

Warm coats and raincoats for your Yorkie. PRECISION FIT™  Sport Parka and Coats are designed with precision fit technology! Yorkie dog coats have a fully adjustable neck and girth, all sizes have front chest protector.

Yorkie Clothes. Sweaters for Yorkies and Yorkie Bag Carriers

*All products shown here are available in the right size for your Yorkie dog! See weight filters in the left side navigation. The adult Yorkie may weigh between 4 - 10 LBS.

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